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Professional Yet Personable: This is the first time using AIG and I am very pleased with the way Sandy and Norman handled my appraisal. Not only was it a timely appraisal, but besides being very professional they were both very personable... -Cherii  02/01/11 Santa Barbara, CA.

Great Experience: AIG was 45 minutes away from our home, but well worth the drive! Norman was a true professional! He was friendly, prompt, experienced, and knowledgeable. He made us feel extremely comfortable during our ring appraisal and we left with our certificate for our insurance company in hand. We would recommend everyone go see Norman if they want a knowledgeable professional to handle their sensitive jewelry appraisals! -Holly 01/07/10  Pasadena, CA. 

Extremely Helpful! I spoke with Norman today, who gave me great insight with respect to natural, synthetic and simulants; he is very knowledgable, and was a big help to me. I encourage anyone who is in the market for a diamond to contact him before you make your purchase! -Smartin 08/21/09 New York, New York

AIG. Excellent service. So nice. I never thought that I would actually enjoy an hour of waiting to get my diamond ring appraised. But I did! Norman was a true professional and I felt very well taken care of. I felt very safe and now have the certificate that I need for the insurance company. -Jeandprod 10/23/09 Los Angeles, CA.

Quality Service. Friendly Staff: I went to AIG to have my wife's engagement/wedding ring set appraised so we could switch insurers. The experience was exceedingly pleasant and very personal as Norman took the time to explain what he was doing along with the details of the appraisal. I highly recommend going to AIG. -Adam K.     Los Angeles CA. 11/5/09





Don't just leave your Jewelry & the Jewelry Appraisal to chance! Have an AIG Labs Gemologist Appraiser do the appraisal for you "While you Watch, While you Wait".  Give us a call. We want to be your Jewelry Appraiser!

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